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Your agent has taken a few days to decide how to handle this. I hope I get it right.

I could not be more honoured, humbled and touched by this thread on X. This group, @teamottawaproud, operates somewhat anonymously and informally (if I’ve got them right) but I know of some of the members and many of them are leaders in federal, provincial and municipal public policy of all political stripes plus a smattering of business and academia. And your garden-variety Ottawan. Wow indeed.

This means a great deal to me not only because of the people involved but now I don’t need to sit nightly weeping beside the phone waiting to be awarded The Jim Watson Order of Ottawa (I can’t explain it) or haranguing Canada Post for those 30 years in a row they lost my National Newspaper Award in the mail (keep looking).

The Bulldog started out as your agent and the abyss. But since then it has become a collection of very good honest ethical people who take time out their lives to be a part of making their city better. And they are Ron Benn, Mike Patton, Donna Mulvihill, The Voter (and I know who you are), Dan Stankovic and even former Capital councillor Clive Doucet who checks in now and then from his exile in Cape Breton Island. Count on me to forget someone.

And it is the Bulldog Commenting All-Stars and tens of thousands of readers. God bless you all.

So if the idea of all this was to warm my very small heart of ice and cold water, it worked. Thank you.

From X:







And behalf of all we puppies at The Bulldog, very kind. Thank you.

Ken Gray


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1 Response

  1. The Voter says:

    Well deserved, Ken, well deserved. Probably didn’t go far enough. Yes, some of us play supporting roles but without your initial investment to give us The Bulldog structure inside of which we play as well as the constant news-gathering, analysis, editing, cheerleading and so on, we would all be wandering in the wilderness looking for an outlet for our municipal-driven angst.

    You’ve brought together a group of people who follow municipal affairs and given us the forum to exchange ideas, information and, sometimes, wisdom. We’re all learning from the process and owe you a great debt of gratitude. City Council and their crew of hapless bureaucrats don’t recognize what a treasure they have in you and how you’re enriching the city. They don’t seem to know that it’s a good thing to be challenged on what you’re doing and feet are often much improved for being held to the fire.

    {An aside: I wonder how Robin Guest likes her new name.}

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