The Majestic NASA Telescope Feed Of The Eclipse

This is the breath-taking and awe-inspiring video of the live feed from NASA’s telescopes across the United States of Monday’s full solar eclipse. You must watch it.

There are shots on this video which we broadcast live on The Bulldog that are just wondrous. Astonishing.

It features the corona a number of times of incredible beauty from Mexico to Maine.

It made the other broadcasts of the eclipse look pedestrian. Just quiet New Age music and the absolute majesty of the universe through sophisticated telescopes. No talking heads or mindless chatter.

We carried as many as six feeds Monday on the eclipse and the NASA example was by far the best. It was worrisome if The Bulldog had the resources to carry all those feeds and the crush of people wanting to see them. It was particularly nerve-wracking because on Sunday (though readers would not notice) the back end of The Bulldog would not publish. The website was in jeopardy.

Between myself and the experts put on the case at Hostgator, we found the right coal for the steam turbine that powers The Bulldog. Many thanks to the smart people in the India office of Hostgator. Their knowledge and professionalism was superb.

So we came close to not having a Bulldog at all. A tense day that Sunday.

But enough of this. All is well now. Enjoy the telescope feed from NASA that was broadcast live on Monday afternoon and is below. Be swept away:


2024 Total Solar Eclipse: Through the Eyes of NASA (Telescope Feed)

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