The Proper Function Of Man Is To Live


A special thank you to Bulldog commentator and friend Mike Patton who took on the formidable task of putting into perspective the tragic deaths of six Ottawans we have come to know as a loving family, like so many others in the community.

I asked Mike because I thought he was well-suited to address this most difficult of tasks. He rose to the occasion in this sensitive situation.

The sun came out today.

And our lives go on. A friend of mine who is no longer with us bought me a little coaster for my morning coffee. which I’ve enjoyed for many years. On it, it says: “The proper function of man is to live. Jack London.” It greets me each day.

I wish I could better do what Jack London says. But he reminds me of what I should be doing. Living … well.

Today six of our fellow Ottawans can no longer do what London said.

But we are still here today after the horrors of Thursday and it is our duty to the six and ourselves to go forward.

We honour these tragic dead by doing what they can no long do … enjoy life.

The proper function of man is to live. To live the best life we can in our own humble way and to honour the people who went before us.

The grief for those who were near and dear to the six will eventually, but painfully, pass. Their loved ones will be cherished memories.

To those who mourn today perhaps it will help to remember that we should live as well as we can. That’s the best legacy to our fellows who have passed.

Ken Gray


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