The Pudding Cup That Walks Like A Man

One of the great mysteries of the highly disappointing Lansdowne finance committee meeting Tuesday was the interminable scraping of a pudding cup by Beacon Hill-Cyrville Councillor Tim Tierney.

Often there was no Tierney in the screen, just a translucent pudding cup as the finance meeting wore on. It was no Tierney, just pudding cup. In fact, your agent for the longest time was not sure who the councillor was behind the cup. The screen was all cup, no councillor.

Because the cup was translucent you could see the play-by-play of the councillor finishing every last speck of food. We hope the councillor was as thorough with the Lansdowne file as he was polishing off his pudding.

Tattoos, truck-naming, April Fool’s tweets, now the screen of pudding … what next from the thrill-a-minute councillor?

When you think civic leadership, immediately Tierney comes to mind. Maybe he’ll propose a motion to call Ottawa, “The Pudding Cup Capital of Canada.”

Ken Gray







Ah you might have missed a spot there, Tim.


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3 Responses

  1. The Voter says:

    Is that a pudding cup? Looks more like one of those yogurt parfaits. Too tall to be a plain pudding cup.

    Either way, perhaps it’s a reflection of the high cost of living that means you have to get every last crumb when you struggle by on a councillor’s salary while all those people at the western end of the Council Circle are so far above you on the Sunshine List and making double or triple what you get.

    Or it could be a symbolic action of scraping the very bottom when thinking about Lansdowne.

    Maybe he’s been hearing the voices of advocates for the less fortunate in our city who are pushed off the list of priorities for City funding by the demands of Lansdowne and he’s wordlessly expressing the thought “Let them eat pudding (or yogurt, as the case may be)!” although he was being noisy about it.

    Or maybe he never learned that, in polite society, you eat in a genteel manner without making noise.

  2. Ron Benn says:

    Multi-tasking, or how to do several things simultaneously, but poorly. In this case, paying close attention to the droning on and on at committee meetings, whilst ensuring that he ingests his daily calorie count.

    And is that a single use plastic cup? Hard to tell whether the spoon is one of those wood(ish) things.

    Time for some more multitasking. A combination training session is in order, covering:
    > the evils of single use plastics;
    > basic courtesy re eating during a meeting; and
    > how to mute the microphone and turn off the video.

  3. FRANK ZARBONI says:

    You know his mind is made up by his actions. I wonder if the Landsdowne group bought him the parfait to soothe his doubts about what decision he will make?

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