‘This Derailment Is Brought To You By Bill’s Beer …’


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“… public transit remains an appealing opportunity for potential sponsors, given its extensive and unique advertising collateral and mobile assets, extensive local audience, strong brand recognition, as well as transit’s role as a connector of communities.”

Report by OC Transpo on Sponsorship of Transit Services To Be Presented To The City Transit Commission


Isn’t OC Transpo overlooking the obvious?

What company could possibly want to sponsor a transit system that doesn’t work and a light-rail line that derails?

A Decade Ago, Ottawa Transit Worked: PATTON

OC Transpo is the laughing-stock of Canada. If you are Bill’s Beer, do you really want to be associated with such a faulty project?

“This derailment is brought to you by Bill’s Beer. Bill’s Beer where the taste is as reliable as your bus showing up on time. Bill’s Beer … after you walk four kilometres through the rain, sleet and cold when the Confederation Line breaks down, sit back and relax with a Bill’s Beer, the official beverage of OC Transpo. Yes, OC Transpo, the transit system that will drive you to drink. But please, don’t drink and drive.”

Ken Gray




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2 Responses

  1. Ron Benn says:

    As is oft the case, what is not stated is what is most important.

    How much did OC Transpo receive in advertising revenue in each of the last five years and the year to date for the current year? It shouldn’t be too difficult to find. It should be right there as a line item in OC Transpo’s financial statements, or barring that, in the general ledger of the public transit organization.

    How much advertising revenue was in OC Transpo’s operating budget? You know, the $40 ish million dollar shortfall that has to be covered by the city. You know, the city budget that was never balanced in the first place.

  2. Frank Zarboni says:

    Nailed it. Perfect fit for the incompetent OC Transpo and all the WATSON LACKIES
    still on council.

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