Transpo’s Amilcar Has Lost Credibility: THE VOTER


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Long-time Bulldog commenter and reader The Voter says city must stop Lansdowne 2.0 plus stop construction on Stage 2 of light rail.

The city must not only to step away from Lansdowne but also from LRT Phase 3 altogether and any parts of Phase 2 that are not complete.

Why would you keep on laying track that might be the source of the problems and may need to be lifted and tossed or redone when they eventually find the elusive root cause(s). Ditto any new trains or other equipment that are part of the ramp-up. What you have isn’t working. Why would you purchase more of the same? That’s a concept we call throwing good money after bad and makes no sense.

Will We Need To Replace Ottawa’s LRT? (2)

It’s time to call a halt to ongoing expansion work on a broken system until they find the source(s) of all the problems and have them repaired plus run the train without issues for at least six months, some of which needs to be in the dead of winter.

People are tired of this ongoing fiasco and it’s past time we stopped pouring money and resources into a bottomless pit. I’d say quit while you’re ahead but they’ve never been ahead at any point in the LRT story. The two upper levels of government carry as much of the blame as the city in that they could have pulled the plug ages ago by withholding funds when this first started to go off the rails.

OC Transpo general manager Renee Amilcar seems to be a nice enough person but I’m afraid her credibility has gone out the window.

How do we believe a word she says when she’s constantly being proven wrong? How can she sit at briefings telling us the system is “safe” when report after report and the evidence of our own eyes tell us otherwise?

Will We Need To Replace Ottawa’s LRT? (2)

Even if she’s telling the truth, people have lost confidence in her to the point that it’s hard to give her statements any credence. It’s that “Fool me once, shame on you …” thing that’s hanging over her.

The Voter is a respected community activist and long-time Bulldog commenter who prefers to keep her identity private.




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1 Response

  1. Bruce says:

    Voter This is by far and away the best advice I have read as to the “solution” for Ottawa’s many woes. To the point and well enough explained that even the high foreheads at city hall can or should be able to understand. BUT will they?

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