Transpo De-Icing O-Train Lines In Storm


This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

Good afternoon,

Our OC Transpo team has implemented its winter operations plans for both bus and rail. 

Crews have been monitoring, plowing, and salting all properties as appropriate since early this morning and will continue overnight into Wednesday to assist ongoing bus operations. Of the 6,000 bus stops across the city, seven bus stops are typically removed from service during a winter storm, because of steep hills or slopes that make traction during a storm difficult. Bus Operations is also securing additional towing services to assist. 

To support ongoing O-Train Line 1 operations, de-icing of the overhead catenary system is in place and will be monitored. Carbon strips have been installed on the pantographs of trains in the fleet in order to scrape ice from the overhead wires as they travel along the line. Out of service trains will run also along Line 1 overnight to help keep the overhead wires and tracks clear of ice and snow. Members of the team will also be out on the line to monitor track infrastructure.  

Our team began providing information to customers on winter preparations yesterday. The following article is posted on our website, and is being promoted through all of our communications channels: 


English: OC Explained: Winter Operations | OC Transpo

French: Déroulement des opérations hivernales d’OC | OC Transpo


In addition, information is being provided on all our social media accounts. Updates can be found on @OC_TranspoHelps/ @OC_TranspoAide and on OC Transpo’s Facebook. 

OC Transpo will continue to provide updates to customers on all social media channels throughout the storm today and tomorrow. We encourage customers to:  

Allow plenty of time when planning their commute as the weather can impact everyone on the road. 
Use caution when boarding and exiting at bus stops or stations. 
Download the Transit App or use the travel planner to plan trips in advance.??
The Transit App provides customers with live updates on the status of their bus trip. The app was recently updated to provide additional real-time trip information. 
Sign up to receive alerts by e-mail or text for specific bus routes at
Follow @OC_Transpo and @OC_TranspoHelps

During all severe weather events, OC Transpo works in close partnership with Traffic Management, the Ottawa Police Service, Public Works and other City departments and services, in an effort to minimize transit service disruption and to assist all commuters.

We are always working hard to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. This is our top priority with any decision we take with regards to planning, preparing and reacting to a winter storm event. The team will be monitoring the system throughout the night and into tomorrow in order to respond appropriately. 


Thank you,

Renée Amilcar

General Manager, Transit Services Department

City of Ottawa



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3 Responses

  1. The Voter says:

    From their website: “OC Transpo: We’re here to take you there”

    Unless, of course, the weather is bad or we buy equipment that’s not suitable for our needs or we don’t operate with full honesty and integrity. Besides, it’s an aspirational motto and not to be taken as what we really do. People wouldn’t be impressed if our motto was “Sometimes we’ll get you where you need to go but have a ‘Plan B’ just in case something comes up.” You’re not meant to rely on us, after all!

    So we’ll see you when we see you. Please dress warmly. If you’re hoping we can serve you for your daily commute, have a hearty breakfast; leave very early and don’t make plans for dinner that count on you being home at a predictable time. We guarantee nothing in exchange for that pass you bought.

  2. Kosmo says:

    Expensive snow removal machines,,, don’t you think?

  3. The Voter says:

    Wasn’t one of the reasons given by OC Transpo for running single-car trains that they needed to reduce wear and tear on the trains by keeping them off the tracks? How does running the trains overnight in addition to the daytime service achieve that goal? Or do they only suffer wear and tear if they have passengers on board?

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