Trillium Line Drop Date Extended, Vague


The Trillium Line has a “potential” launch target of 2024, a report going to the light-rail subcommittee Friday says.

On Sept. 29, city staff said the beginning of service would be in spring 2024. Now it is saying the entire year is the target and that the goal is tentative leaving the possibility it could stretch in 2025.

The report says:

“The final date selected will be heavily influenced by the safety, reliability, and general performance of the system. TransitNEXT is focused on delivering the system infrastructure in 2023 and the City has identified a potential public launch timeline of 2024.”

Withholding Information Is Not Greatness: BENN

The completion date of the Trillium Line has been a moving target. It was originally to be completed in August 2022. The date was then shunted back to August 2023, then November 2023 and finally spring of 2024. Now the launch is scheduled for sometime in 2024 and that date is “potential.”

No completion dates were given for the Confederation Line East and West Extensions.

“Delays could have implications on the project’s budget. Staff will report to Committee and Council on any adjustments to the contingency budget as and when required,” the report says.

To read the full report, click here.





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