Trillium Line LRT Suffers Major Delay


CTV’s Graham Richardson just sent this out via X:


No wonder the City of Ottawa sent out a release on Monday praising the mighty-slow test of the east extension of the O-Train. That’s called a deflection … send out good news to distract from the very bad news Tuesday.

The Trillium Line was supposed to be completed by August 2022. The problems with Ottawa’s LRT project have gone beyond ludicrous.

Last we heard, OC Transpo was testing vehicles on the Trillium Line. Your agent started wondering last week why the testing had been so prolonged.

You will remember that the winning bidder for the Trillium Line, a subsidiary of SNC Lavalin, failed the technical standards for the procurement twice, but still won the competition. It appears the city is now reaping the spoiled fruits of that decision.

City auditor general Nathalie Gougeon has deemed the Trillium Line procurement audit unnecessary and it has been dropped off her workplan.

This has created a major breach in the public’s trust of the city auditor general’s office.

For more details on the dropped audit, click here.

Increasingly, the AG’s office has become part of the problem at city hall rather than an organization that should help remedy issues.

Ken Gray


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1 Response

  1. Bruce says:

    Perhaps the LRT gurus should consider replacing the failed units with old time Railway hand carts, powered by the bobbleheads who voted for a less than 70% compliance bid!

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