Watson’s A Big Man On LRT: WHOPPER WATCH


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“I said at the time I take responsibility for the (LRT) system because politicians will be taking the credit for when it goes well, and you’re going to take the criticism when it’s not working well.”

Former mayor Jim Watson


The Jim Watson Career Reclamation Project continues with the ex-mayor and professional charmer hitting up his old friends at the Ottawa Citizen for a big softball story.

So above you learn from Watson that Watson is a bigger man than other politicians because other politicians won’t take responsibility for the LRT fiasco but he does. Now there’s the little matter that he’s responsible ultimately and subsequent pols are not. They’re trying, and failing, to clean up the mess Watson left. But he’s a bigger man than those other pols.

Watson did say at the time that he took responsibility for the LRT mess but he neglects to mention that he then went to blame builders Rideau Transit Group.

The right thing to do is to say: “I’m sorry but I screwed up.” Period. End of story. Let the fat lady sing. But after that he trashed RTG. That’s the wrong thing to do in a message of contrition.

But thank goodness he’s better than those other cut-rate low-class pols. Watson always takes the high road.

Ken Gray


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2 Responses

  1. Been There says:

    Why can’t the Ottawa Citizen let go of Jim Watson. A two page spread of his accomplishments, in a Saturday edition is just too much; especially with applications for the Night Mayor closing in two weeks.

  2. Ron Benn says:

    As Been There points out, this doesn’t merit two pages. Perhaps, if they were in a generous mood, a single column wide, no more than 15 cm long.

    The reporter (from the Entertainment beat?) acknowledges that he was being played. The interview was staged in Vanier, which is almost in a different time zone from Jim Watson’s stomping grounds around Carlingwood Mall. Sitting under a photo of “Uncle Jim” and a local waitress. Wow. Just wow.

    Two songs come to mind. For the Citizen, The Eagles “Business as Usual”. For Jim, Bruce Springsteen’s “Glory Days”.

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