West Bus Service Returns To Normal Tomorrow

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

The purpose of this memo is to inform the Mayor and Members of Council that the repairs to the  temporary Roosevelt Bridge near Dominion Station are almost complete, and normal bus  operations will resume on Monday, November 27.  

Transit Services 

Buses travelling between Westboro and Lincoln Fields stations will continue to be on detour via  Churchill Street, Richmond Road and Carling Avenue until the end of service day today, Sunday,  November 26. The detour will be lifted prior to the start of service on Monday, November 27, and  buses will go back to operating on the Roosevelt Bridge. 

OC Transpo appreciates the assistance of Traffic and By-law Services to prioritize transit trips  while the on-street detour has been in place.  

Bridge repair works 

The contractor expects repairs to the bridge will conclude this evening with the pouring of cold weather concrete. Upon completion, the repairs will be thoroughly inspected. The bridge will undergo regular inspections to ensure its continued safe operation. 

Customer information is being communicated through various channels, including customer  alerts, social media updates, signage at stations, and on octranspo.com. Customers can visit  octranspo.com or use the Transit app for travel planning assistance or call 613-560-5000. 

OC Transpo recognizes the impact this detour has had on travel times and thanks customers for  their patience while we worked to return to normal bus operations. 

Original signed by,  

Renée Amilcar  



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