What’s In Lansdowne For Pols, Staff? WHOPPER WATCH


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“I think it’s been an enormous success. Millions and millions of people from all over the city are using Lansdowne Park. Tourists are coming to Lansdowne Park. It’s a great gathering point for our community.”

Mayor Mark Sutcliffe


Oh come on.

How can the mayor even remotely say that? If Lansdowne were working, why are Ottawa Sports and Entertainment and the city pouring a half-billion dollars into it?

Just to make this clear, it’s because it’s not working.

LANSDOWNE: Ottawa Is Building Yesterday

This is a ridiculous expense for a shopping mall. In fact, why is the city in the shopping-mall business?

We hear too often that what’s there now is much better than Lansdowne’s former big parking lot. A latrine would be better than the old Lansdowne. That’s a pretty low bar.

The city had two good choices when Lansdowne was being considered. One, turn it into a park. That’s something the city knows how to do. Two, sell it. Let developers pay for their profits. Canada’s banks are always willing to loan money to rich guys.

Lansdowne has been a unmitigated failure. The public realizes that.

Community ‘Fact Sheet’ Tears A Strip Off Lansdowne 2.0

So why is Sutcliffe telling us it is a great success. It’s not. It’s not even close.

The big question at Lansdowne is to what end are Sutcliffe, council and staff willing to subsidize such a losing proposition?

Why would Sutcliffe tell such an enormous whopper? Why is Sutcliffe calling a failure a success?

What’s in it for the mayor, council and staff to call a failure a success?

That might be the biggest problem at Lansdowne and it’s time the public demands reasons for their actions.

A success? Who does Sutcliffe think he is fooling? Ottawans aren’t stupid and it’s insulting to be treated like we are fools.

What’s in this for pols and staff?

I fear we already know.

Ken Gray




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3 Responses

  1. Bruce says:

    Firstly How many folks live in Ottawa.? Millions of Ottawan’s are “visiting” all together the population including children and infants make just over 1 Million Have they ALL visited? and how many TOURISTS even know where Landsdowne is let alone have an interest in visiting? for what reason?
    Now on to the pols drive to see landsdowne “succeed!” Developer dollars in their campaign coffers, pure and simple, at the taxpayers expense!

  2. Kosmo says:

    Marky the Mayor have you seen the for lease signs scattered around lansdowne?

  3. The Voter says:

    I hear the voice of Jon Lovitz.

    “Yeah, that’s the ticket – millions and millions of people, all flocking to Lansdowne Park, Yeah! And they’re parking their cars there – thousands of them. And they’re each spending hundreds of dollars – yeah, that’s the ticket!

    “And all the sports teams that play there are selling out every night of the year – yeah, that’s the ticket! And everybody wants to live there and pay $3,000 a month to rent a studio apartment close to the action. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

    “And who’s that over there? Why, it’s the mayor who’s visiting us here for the third time since we opened years ago! A real man of the people – well, okay, of certain people!”

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