Your Bus Didn’t Show? Maybe It’s Here


OC Transpo has admitted it is having capacity problems.

In other words, too many passengers and not enough vehicles.

Wednesday The Bulldog told you about the Transpo decision to take buses off the road.

And here they are: the pictorial evidence.

These from the Manotick Yards:


bus.yard .1

bus.yard .2


Digital illustration on front by AI generator Bing Image Creator.




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3 Responses

  1. Nicholas says:

    What the heck? Of all the busses to shelve, why the double deckers? We just bought those things! OC is so far off the rails, no pun intended, that they need a massive house cleaning. I have absolutely no faith that they will resolve their issues; things are going to get worse folks.

  2. Been There says:

    With all the parked busses and route reductions, what are the newly hired and new drivers in training doing? Seems that there may be more drivers than busses. Will the amount of driver overtime decrease?

  3. The Voter says:

    Does anybody know what the age of those buses would be and what their expected useful life-span is? Are they at an age where other transit services would be mothballing them or is this just more poor resource management by OC Transpo? Has this been OC’s practice in the past or is this a departure from the normal process?

    Speaking of management, I just saw Mme Amilcar’s salary on the Sunshine list. I wonder how many people are aware we are giving her over $6,000 a week for providing the service we’re receiving from her. Broken down a bit further, it’s over $180 an hour. Surely, for that kind of money, we should be getting better results.

    Makes me wonder if she’s received any bonuses since she’s been here. One would hope that she would find the integrity to turn down a bonus if it’s offered. She will presumably be coming up for a performance review soon since she’s about four weeks short of two years in the position.

    To recap the business plan she presented to the Transit Commission last March, there were seven priorities:
    Continuing response to the COVID-19 pandemic;
    Enhancing performance of the LRT system;
    Construction and readiness of the Stage 2 O-Train expansion;
    Para Transpo improvements;
    Zero-emissions bus program;
    Fare system improvements;
    Increasing ridership.

    She was also developing a marketing campaign “to promote increased ridership on OC Transpo and build trust in public transportation in Ottawa” with an emphasis on LRT reliability and safety. How’s all that working for her? If that’s what they’ll be measuring her performance against, she could have a problem.

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