Councillors Should Be Demanding Answers To These Questions

Why aren’t Ottawa city councillors demanding answers to these five questions?

1. Is there a provision in any contract between the City of Ottawa and Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group which says that should either of the two parties pull out of a Lansdowne agreement that the city must reimburse OSEG for some or all the money the company has poured into the project and any losses that OSEG might or might not have incurred during the course of that contract or contracts?

2. Is OC Transpo running single-car trains because of the lack of riders or it is concerned about not finding replacement parts due to availability issues because of the trains’ propensity for incurring damage to axels, hub assemblies and bearings?

3. If the design fix by Alstom of its hub, bearing and axel assemblies on Ottawa’s light-rail trains fails, will the City of Ottawa and OC Transpo be forced to replace the rolling stock, its related infrastructure and the current tracks? And will municipal taxpayers alone be forced to foot the bill to replace these hundreds of millions of dollars of items?

4. What contingencies is city staff preparing if the aforementioned Alstom redeslgn doesn’t work?

5. Are the people who have been lobbying at city hall for Lansdowne 2.0 registered lobbyists?

Ken Gray



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1 Response

  1. Ron Benn says:

    It is important to get these questions on the public record. Even if the councillor knows the answer will be one of:
    > can’t tell you because we signed a confidentiality clause knowing that it would prevent council from fulfilling its statutory obligations;
    > won’t tell you because the answer is embarrassing;
    > don’t know because it never occurred to us that this would be an issue;
    > we will get back to you on this, but not as part of the public record because … see some of the above.

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