A Shout Out To OPH And Our New Canada


The Bulldog has not spent enough time over the years thanking the good people at Ottawa Public Health for their outstanding work during our recent pandemic crisis.

Today your agent travelled to an OPH clinic at J.H. Putnam Public School to receive the new Covid variant shot and a flu shot as well. The two-for-one special. And I have the sore arm to prove it.

Of course, Ottawans are grateful for the fine work of OPH. The visit was pleasant, efficient and fun. Good on everyone at OPH.

Public Health Has Flu, New Covid Vaccines

But what was particularly noticeable, and maybe this is so common now that no one notices but me, but at the series of tables where the shots were given, every person was a visible minority. My god isn’t it wonderful how our country is changing for the better. They were bright, professional and fun. A few were even kind enough to laugh at a couple of my jokes proving that our new Canadians are very polite, tolerant and forgiving.

But not only were these OPHers people of colour, they were all women. There was a time during my long lifetime when that didn’t happen. Those of us from the other gender have known for many years that women are smarter, more loving, more empathetic, harder-working and traits too numerous to mention, than men. Frankly, I don’t know why women have much to do with men but then they are much more understanding than the other gender.

Anyway, it lifted my old heart to see how Canada has changed for the better. We’re far from perfect but some people are getting it right and they work at OPH. God (the deity of your choice) bless ’em. Our new Canadians bring so much to this country and adopt so many of the good things about Canada and blend them with what is best from the rest of the world. And they are a lot of fun.

Vaccine Protects Against Covid, Not Debate

The world is coming to Canada and it is a beautiful thing. I hope I live long enough to see this all work out. The blend of Canadian values and the intelligence from the rest of the world will make for a vibrant, exciting and alive country. Canada, to smart people at least, is the envy of the world and that immigrants from other lands choose to bring their future here is testimony to what a tolerant and wonderful this land is. Our neighbour in North America could learn a lot from Canada if it ever chose to listen.

We are the place for wildly adventurous people who want to take a chance to leave everything they know and love to come to a strange cold land in North America where they can build a future for their families and themselves in a land of peace and, sometimes, even justice.

But there is one problem OPH. It was damn hard to get a good conversation about hockey. This, I hope, is something that OPH is working hard on to find a cure.

Thank you to everyone at Putnam school. You’re the best.

Ken Gray



Public Health Has Flu, New Covid Vaccines

Vaccine Protects Against Covid, Not Debate

City Still Plagued By Pandemic Fallout: Annual Report

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2 Responses

  1. The Voter says:

    I’m surprised constantly at how few people know about the OPH clinics which are scattered around the city, both rural and urban. This is where I got my shots last year and where I will return this year.

    I’m glad to see you putting this out there to get the word out through the city. I know that you don’t want us adding websites, etc. so could you add it to make access easier for people and to allow others to spread the word?

  2. Ken Gray says:

    The Voter:

    I think I put a post up about that. I’ll check to see if there’s a contact on it.



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