Sutcliffe Needs To List London Activities: THE VOTER

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We need to see a full list of who Mayor Mark Sutcliffe met with in London and what businesses those parties are connected to as an opening requirement.

We also need to know about any goodies given to Sutcliffe by his hosts there. Remember, these people don’t appear on the lobbyist registry at the city.

We also need a full list of who else was on the trip with him. Presumably there were representatives of local tourist-related businesses. Who was sitting beside him on the plane trip; when they ate at a restaurant; as they travelled from place to place in London and so on? Will that time with the mayor appear on the other party’s lobbying record at Ottawa City Hall?

If anyone is naive enough to believe that the subject of their conversations was solely the London weather, their respective families or the food they were eating, I have a local canal that freezes over three months of the year you can have at a reasonable price. It’s even close to both city hall and the starting point of the Ottawa Marathon if you want to visit the mayor.

The Voter is a respected community activist and long-time Bulldog commenter who prefers to keep her identity private.


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3 Responses

  1. Paul Pothier says:

    Holding my breath, waiting.

    Please send help in three days.

  2. Ron Benn says:

    Paul, in the spirit of helping you with your own well being, the death watch mantra is: three minutes without air, three days without water, three weeks without food. This advice is probably too late given that you were holding your breath. My condolences to your family and friends.

  3. Ron Benn says:

    Voter, what you are describing is what was considered, back in the 90’s, as a trip report.

    During my flight home after a week or so on the road, I would compose a detailed trip report giving pretty much the same level of detail that you cite along with insights into possible leads, areas of concern, recommended action items, on my lap top computer (they were 4-6 pounds back then, and the heat generated by the battery could ruin the crease in my slacks). My colleagues would get a copy of the report the following morning.

    In short, good business practices. As it relates to city hall … well, Paul Pothier has expressed quite clearly what the OLG odds are on that prop.

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