City Provides More Info On Ottawa Bus Cuts

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

M E M O / N O T E D E S E R V I C E 

To / Destinataire Mayor and Members of Council Chair and Members of the Transit  


From / Expéditeur General Manager, Transit Services  Department 

Subject / Objet Further information on OC Transpo’s  Bus Route Review  

File/N° de fichier: 47-2023 Date: November 3, 2023

The purpose of this memo is to provide Members of Council and the Transit Commission with  further information on OC Transpo’s Bus Route Review.  

As part of OC Transpo’s five-year roadmap, the bus route review was launched in January 2023 to  examine and confirm service planning principles, prepare for the opening of O-Train Lines 2 and 4,  and determine a network design that meets the evolving needs of our customers.  

Following the COVID-19 pandemic and continuing work-from-home policies of employers, it was necessary to conduct the bus route review process in response to noticeable changes in customers’ travel patterns. The current bus network was designed to carry 100 million passengers each year.  However, with recent ridership trends, OC Transpo is currently on track to carry 70 to 75 million  customer-trips in 2024. 

The new bus route network, outlined in the report to the Transit Commission to be considered on  November 14, responds to these changes in travel patterns and ridership, the needs of customers,  and ensures that a sustainable network is implemented to improve service reliability to 99.5%. 

Improving service reliability is key to building and maintaining a public transit system that customers  and residents can have confidence in. The service reliability target of 99.5% means that out of  approximately 8,000 trips delivered each weekday, no more than 40 trips would be cancelled in a  single day. 

Ottawa Bus Service Gets Cuts, Major Overhaul

Customers across the city would see a range of improvements and changes to their trips when the  new bus network is implemented in Spring 2024. Changes include the recalibration of capacity from  downtown-focused commuter routes to routes that improve connectivity to community hubs such  as transit stations and grocery stores, faster travel times for customers who can take advantage of  new O-Train Lines 2 and 4, routes changing where ridership is currently low, and, in some  instances, a longer walking distance or an additional transfer. OC Transpo’s number of bus service  hours will change from approximately 2.111 million hours this year to 2.037 million service hours 

next year, a difference of 74,000 hours per year, or 3.5%.  

For customers who currently use 200-series Connexion routes during weekday peak periods to connect directly to O-Train stations, other routes would provide these areas with local service to  connect them to frequent, reliable main routes that in most cases will run every 15 minutes. These  main routes will provide access to the Transitway and O-Train stations and destinations across the  City. 

Further information will be provided at the Transit Commission meeting on November 14, where  staff will also be able answer any additional questions.  

Should you have any questions or comments, please contact Pat Scrimgeour, Director, Transit  Customer Systems and Planning at ext. 52205, or me at ext. 52111. 

Original signed by 

Renée Amilcar 

cc: Senior Leadership Team 

Transit Services Departmental Leadership Team 

Director, Public Information and Media Relations



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