Lansdowne 2.0 Has Serious Heritage Impacts: REPORT

This is a report to the city built heritage committee slated for Nov. 6:

Report (EN) – Lansdowne 2.0 Heritage Considerations (REV)



LANSDOWNE: Councillor Carr Needs A Thicker Skin

The Basic Unanswered Questions From Lansdowne (1)

The Basic Unanswered Questions From Lansdowne (2)

Ottawa Bus Service Gets Cuts, Major Overhaul



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1 Response

  1. David Jones says:

    This report is submitted “for information.” Why? Are there no Council decisions needed? It seems that there are. What is the legal and political effect of a motion to “receive this report as information”? Is there an implicit activity approval and implicit / explicit direction to staff to proceed as suggested in the report? Or, in my view, what would be more proper, does staff collectively and singly – see this as ONLY a status report and sit on the suggestions until actual direction is given?

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