Dropped Or Changed Ottawa Bus Routes (2)


As OC Transpo downsizes its bus routes, here are the routes that will be altered:



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1 Response

  1. The Voter says:

    There are six routes within a ten-minute walking distance of my house plus an on-again, off-again train. Four of the six are affected by the changes, none in a positive way. In addition, many of the routes that I transfer to in order to complete a journey have reduced service.

    At least I have choices but there are many people in this city who have only one route they can access. These changes will be very disruptive to large sectors of the city and will do nothing to increase ridership. In fact, they will do precisely the opposite.

    For those residents of areas with little or no service, this must be doubly discouraging since, if OC Transpo is cutting their existing routes, it’s unlikely they’ll see a bus any time soon.

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