Where Are The Bus Drivers? Ex-Councillor


Former Bay councillor Alex Cullen why OC Transpo management can’t fill driver positions.

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2 Responses

  1. The Voter says:

    Is this a recruitment problem, a retention problem or a combination of both? Is this an Ottawa issue or are other municipalities experiencing the same thing?

    I understand that one of the issues is that new hires, once trained and on the job for a short time, are leaving in higher-than-usual numbers. What does it cost to train drivers only to have them leave in the first year of employment? Are they being given a realistic idea up front of what the actual work will be like including shift work, long hours, early starts and late finishes?

    They’ve had a fairly intense hiring campaign going on for a while. Why isn’t it working? Are they even looking into this or just giving a shrug of the shoulder and saying they have no drivers?

    Finally, does this coincide with Mme Amilcar’s tenure or is it an ongoing phenomenon?

  2. rocco says:

    Nothing but poor management at all levels of muni gov!

    We need to up our expectations at election time!

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