Fire Public Servants Who Lie: WHOPPER WATCH .12.26


“On the upside for motorists, PSPC also announced Tuesday that the Chaudière Crossing would reopen fully as of 9 a.m. on Wednesday ‘due to construction activities being completed ahead of schedule.’ It has been at least partially closed to vehicles since March 2022.”

The Public Services and Procurement Canada as partially translated by the Ottawa Citizen


When did it become a requirement of government press releases to lie?

When did it become a requirement of government press releases to spin and cover-up?

Taxpayers expect when they pay good hard-earned money on government they receive the truth. If government officials can’t tell us the truth when they are charged to tell the truth, maybe we should get rid of them and their bosses as well who allow this garbage wrapped in a veneer of supposed truth get through.

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A case in point is the crap that has come from the National Capital Commission which has treated deadlines for finishing bridges like elastic bands … very stretchable.

The NCC absolutely cocked up the construction on the Champlain Bridge when it said that two lanes would remain open during repairs but at many points this summer only one lane was open. A worker with a Stop and Go Slow sign was directing two lanes of opposing traffic through one lane. The traffic jams for such stupidity stretch for kilometres. It was an embarrassment though not as big as an embarrassment as a half-century of sheer unadulterated incompetence in redeveloping LeBreton Flats.

Has the federal government become so bad at accomplishing its appointed duties that it must cover-up its ineptness with lies?


The opening of the Chaudiere Bridge has been moved up because construction has been completed early, according to the propagandists at Public Services and Procurement Canada. That would be good were it true. It isn’t.

In fact, construction was supposed to be finished this spring. Then it was supposed to be by Sept. 1. It wasn’t.

But now the PSPC says it is opening the Chaudiere Bridge is “early.” Which version of early are we seeing here? The deadline that was last spring or the deadline by Sept. 1? Missing both those deadlines is a curious definition of early but a dead-on description of late … twice.

The reason that government says such things as early when it means late is because it reckons that the media and the public won’t notice. Well this publication noticed and the lies make you sick.

Tell the damn truth. Didn’t your parents teach you ethics? Or is the truth not a requirement of working in government? Perhaps PR types get bonuses for how well they can lie but not get caught.

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And by the way, the NCC said some time ago that the opening of the Champlain Bridge was three months early. But if you drive past the southern foot of the bridge, you can see a flashing sign in both official languages saying the bridge is closed from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. Monday to Thursday until Oct. 20. Funny, but that sort of sounds like closed. The giveaway is the flashing sign that says “closed.”

Perhaps the federal government has a peculiar definition of ‘closed’ such as ‘not closed.’ Rather like the municipal government has a curious explanation of “on-time and on-budget.” Anyway, get home before 9 p.m. or the ‘open’ Champlain Bridge will be closed.

Still, the public should demand to be told the truth by the accuracy-spinners. We pay the bill for their comfortable existence. Value for money in the communications field means truth.

The private sector has cure for lying and incompetence. It’s called dismissal with cause. The public sector can do that too. Pay the offenders a generous severance and get them out of there. We don’t need liars and dolts.

If the private sector has enough lying and incompetence, natural forces of economics take over. Like bankruptcy.

If government can’t do its job well, it can at least tell the truth. It is not the job of public relations to protect politician butts but to tell the public that pays the bills the truth.

That’s a fundamental principle of democracy.

Ken Gray

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