Funsters In Planning To Run Nightmayor


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Choosing a nightlife commissioner the process is being directed through the planning department. What could possibly go wrong?

Forgive me but I don’t see many people in the planning department as fun folks. Maybe I’m misjudging them and they’re really a wild-and-crazy bunch over there. So over to them to prove me wrong.

My mind is racing with the possible questions they would ask in an interview for this position. I had a look at the posting  under Knowledge. It says: “Methods used to interact with the media and elected officials in a professional and inclusive manner that considers the best interests of the city”. Which means 1) more Happy Town News and 2) more lying to and/or withholding information from the press and councillors.

If they’re looking for someone with a bit of pizazz, which I would think would be important in the role, they aren’t going to get that with this job posting.

The Voter is a respected community activist and long-time Bulldog commenter who prefers to keep her identity private.


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1 Response

  1. Ron Benn says:

    It could be worse, Voter. Think of the stereotyped dynamic (one that is well earned) of the AG’s office. And they have no end of time on their hands, what with not looking into anything of consequence.

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