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This is an interesting, lively email from new Bulldog reader Laurie McCannell:

In a scan for proof of journalistic life in Ottawa, I found the Bulldog. So far, it appears to be refreshingly full of human thought and sass – thank you.

1. Infested with paid-enough, bored-enough, protected-enough people, Ottawa is far too trashy to be as dull as folks say. Will the Bulldog fetch the gossipy side of O-town? You know, chew on meaty left-overs from those crazy consulate parties, capture breathless revelations by underpaid political staffers, reveal grainy footage of … well, anybody leaving the grounds of a somebody at an indecent time of night? Do tell the stuff happening non-stop in Ottawa that everyone – for reasons lost on me – pretends doesn’t happen here.

2. If your journalistic vehicle can only navigate the high-road, then can the Bulldog at least shine a bright bulb in the direction of Developalooza? Tewin much? Is there an active vigil for the final days of the Greenbelt? What the blazes happened to the south end of Cumberland ward? And a zillion other things that matter, tethered to long chains of questions in need of pulling.

Bark louder, Bulldog.


Thank you for the nice note, Ms. McCannell.

Unfortunately, the management and staff of The Bulldog just doesn’t have time to go to all those glorious, gossipy events. That said, we do have Pop Gossip that gives you the best celebrity news in the world. Sorry, can’t give you unusual diplomats but we can give you Brad Pitt.

On another point, the development community has probably heard more than enough from The Bulldog but that won’t stop us from giving you more.

And on your final point, The Bulldog will continue to bark and so can you. On Tuesday, we have a live chat about What’s Wrong With Ottawa City Hall. Join us. We’d be happy to have you.

Welcome to The Bulldog, Ms. McCannell.

Ken Gray


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2 Responses

  1. Bob Gauvreau says:

    How do I access the Live Post on Tuesday you referenced in your reply to “Keep it Sassy” a new Bulldog reader.

  2. Ken Gray says:


    It will be on the second post on the front where it says “What’s Wrong With City Hall.

    I will put the chat box there on Tuesday morning and send out a couple of notices on X and Linked In.



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