Lansdowne Coalition To Hold Public Meeting


This is a release from the Glebe Community Association:


Lansdowne update


We expect the revised proposal for the redevelopment of Lansdowne 2.0 to be released on Friday, Oct 6th.

We anticipate that total costs will have likely risen to roughly $500 Million, and new debt in excess of $300M. This will make Lansdowne 2.0 the most expensive project to come before the current  City Council. It is expected to feature a new 2-3 storey arena/event centre that will be relocated to the Great Lawn/ Toboggan Hill, new north stands, 2-3 high-rise towers up to 40 storeys, and roughly 20% more sq. ft. of retail.

What’s In Lansdowne For Pols, Staff? WHOPPER WATCH

No new transportation solutions appear imminent.  But it is expected to result in significant construction at Lansdowne Park once again, this time for at least 7 years.

The City is not planning to undertake any public engagement on the final Lansdowne plans before they goes to City Council in early November. Accordingly, the Glebe Community Association, together with the Old Ottawa East and Old Ottawa South Community Association, supported by city-wide community partners, will host a public forum called “Let’s Talk Lansdowne!”

The evening will include a brief overview of the proposal as presented in the soon-to-be released report and give you an opportunity to express your views.


Here are the details:

“Let’s Talk Lansdowne!”

Wednesday, October 11, 7 pm to 9 pm.

Horticulture Building, Lansdowne Park 

Livestream: . (A recording will be available on Youtube) 


The event is free. No tickets or reservations are needed but we ask you to arrive by 6:45 so you can be seated before the livestream and broadcast begin.

As you know, Lansdowne is a public asset. All the land, the heritage buildings and the sports facilities are entirely owned by the citizens of Ottawa. Since this redevelopment will be funded by tax dollars, the plans and the costs are relevant to everyone who lives in Ottawa, not just those of us who live close by.

City Practises Avoidance, Not Governance

“Let’s Talk Lansdowne!” is supported by a city-wide coalition of community partners including the Federation of Citizens Associations, Reimagine Ottawa, Synapcity, 613Flea, Ecology Ottawa and Heritage Ottawa.

Please spread the word about Lansdowne 2.0 to friends who live in other parts of the city. Invite them to join  “Let’s Talk Lansdowne” on October 11 and encourage them to reach out to their own Councillors about this project.




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