LANSDOWNE: Councillor Carr Needs A Thicker Skin

This is an exchange between a citizen making a presentation at Ottawa City Hall and being questioned by Alta Vista Councillor Marty Carr.

The discussion is about an email sent to Carr by the presenter. Mayor Mark Sutcliffe muted the presenter to the joint finance and planning committee meeting considering Lansdowne 2.0.

The person tweeting this message maintains that Sutcliffe cannot mute the presenter. That might not be true.

Answer These Lansdowne Questions Councillor Carr

It’s a judgment call by the mayor but if he rules that no more questions are coming from committee members and the presenter has had her five minutes and answered those questions, he can end the presentation. He is within the rules to make the judgment call.

That said, Carr’s questions were petty and time-wasting. Capital Councillor Shawn Menard’s point of order was the right thing to do.

The committee is facing a mountain of presentations that could stretch into Monday. If Carr has a beef with the presenter, she should have taken that complaint off-line. They were both in the same room. Let’s stick to important Lansdowne questions. Carr needs a thicker skin if she is to be successful in politics.

The exchange is below:



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The Basic Unanswered Questions From Lansdowne (1)

The Basic Unanswered Questions From Lansdowne (2)

The Basic Unanswered Questions From Lansdowne (3)



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1 Response

  1. Been There says:

    Does Carr not realize the it was most likely a rag tag group of volunteers that worked along side her to get her elected. Or has she seen where having a few developers in your pocket beats any rag tag group.
    Why is it always us against them in Ottawa? Many present councillors seem to have forgotten that they were put in office to represent the constituents that put them there, not to push their own agenda to further their careers.

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