Lansdowne: Do You Smell An Agile Audit Rat? .12.26


So here’s a definition of an agile audit which to City of Ottawa will do or procure for Lansdowne:

“As the name implies, an agile audit methodology involves building a more nimble audit plan, as opposed to how audit teams typically stick to an annual or even multi-year plan. Implementing an audit methodology can then improve governance, as audit teams can adapt their oversight to more recent, relevant risks, rather than getting fixated on prior problems.”

So that’s the kind of audit AG Nathalie Gougeon has planned for the controversial project.

Why would you want to dwell on the past at Lansdowne? What could you possibly find there that could use some correction? No doubt this is clean as wind-driven snow.

You know, the past is so last week. We need to look into the present and future to produce a more dynamic Lansdowne.

I hope I’m wrong.

To read more about agile audits, click here.

Ken Gray


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2 Responses

  1. Andrew says:

    Great obsevation Ken. The whole thing is suspicious: No emergency, at least 20 years left, but somehow it became “urgent”. City staff rush consultations with only online “meetings”and 1 hour for public questions, One Per Participant, and mike shut off as soon as question made…then staff proceed to avoid the question. City staff ignore its own policy for what is required for applications. Selling parkland when in meetings they initially said the would not, land will not be bought back (legally has to be declared surplus to sell it, so expropriating it back as “needed” is impossible). The Developer will then own the land that was formerly park! All official plans/processes declared it a priority to increase park in urban areas to the city standard….yet we are decreasing park here (arena roof), on top of selling some more! Now estimates are that it will soon be over a Billion Dollars (taxpayer funding). The list goes on.

  2. Andrew says:

    Forgot this one: the arena will remove 1.4 acres of park and it will also be smaller, going from 9800 seats all the way down to 5500 seats, that is 44% smaller! The PWHL is selling out 19000 seats in Toronto, will this keep the team? For $500 Million – 1 Billion of taxpayers money, we couldn’t imagine a worse deal .

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