Larry O’Brien Was A Genius: PATTON




Now here is a controversial view from Bulldog commentator Mike Patton:

Why is #ottawa in this state?

Mike Patton is the former communications director for Mayor Larry O’Brien and a Conservative activist.



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3 Responses

  1. Brocklebank says:

    I wonder if Mike could provide further comment outlining the difficult things that the O’Brien era was trying to accomplish and was frustrated by others.

  2. Kosmo says:

    Mayor Larry O’Brien a genius,,, don’t let Maria McRae hear you say that.

  3. Brian Tansey says:

    ” Just askin “: but where was Mike Patton when Larry O’Brien seems to have summarily cancelled the design competition for Lansdowne ? Was he OBrien’s Communications guy then ? I’m asking because I dont know the inside story from back then, so have had to make one up by a combination of hypotheses and facts incl. timelines-dates. Maybe he wasn’t there then. So .. just asking; because if he was, I’d love to hear his take on how that happened and the extent to which my sense of how it all unfolded is or is not aligned with the facts / truth.

    I’m pretty sure some other Councillors who were there at the time too, might be able to fill me in, such as Cullen and Doucet; but Patton’s ( possible role as a true insider) perspective would be helpful in fleshing that all out.

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