LRT Project Rapidly Completing: WHOPPER WATCH .12.26


“As the Light Rail Transit (LRT) project is moving at a rapid pace, Transit Services is committed to providing the most current information to Councillors and the public.”

City Light-Rail Report



One man’s turtle is another man’s Ferrari.

Originally, the north-south Trillium was to be completed by 2022 but now that date has been pushed back to late 2024. The city hedges its bet by saying that regulatory approval could delay the project further. So the city can safely say that those approvals could delay the project further and that’s not its responsibility.

The Confederation Line is expected to be completed by late 2026 which is 17 months behind original estimates.

The reports are to be presented on Dec. 14 to committee.

Ken Gray

English Report – Stage 2 LRT Update

English Document 1 – Q3 2023 Stage 2 Quarterly Update Memo



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3 Responses

  1. Miranda Gray says:

    One of their issues is they stepped on their own toes. Hooking up Stage 2 East to Blair power could have been a celebration but the hookup longer than expected so R1 ran Blair to St Laurent on the 2nd. They could have celebrated on the Monday but that was a storm day and system was brittle. Then it was a “route” problem compounded by an escaping passenger who caused delays.

    It’s fragile.

    Please don’t lose sight that in August we were told single trains “until at least the end of the year”. My money is on end of 2025.

  2. Ken Gray says:


    What I find interesting and perplexing is do we have single trains because we can’t get enough replacement wheel hubs and axles (because they wear out so quickly and take time to produce) or because Transpo has fewer passengers now or are they trying to cut costs?

    Maybe one, two, three or all of the above?



  3. The Voter says:


    Whatever would lead you to believe that OC Transpo would be trying to cut costs? That is so far outside their culture that it, sadly, is almost laughable. They know they have still got a bit of loose change in the reserve funds and Council are always accommodating about raising fares for the peasants who depend on their service, such as it is. The City will always find a way to bail out the bus company because it’s an essential service so there’s no need for OC Transpo to act responsibly.

    I would suggest it’s probably the need to not use the trains overly much in case one falls apart again and they have to deal with more negative fallout. They also don’t want to have the barbarians at the gate demanding refunds or fare roll-backs since they aren’t delivering to the public the product that was paid for. I think they may even have a flickering of awareness that they’re rapidly going through their nine lives and running very short of any tolerance and good will that might have once existed towards them.

    Bottom line, they can’t afford any more screw-ups so they’re protecting the rolling stock as much as possible. Mme Amilcar isn’t such a fool that she would think she can survive much more poor performance if she wants to stay in that job. Even if the roots of the problems weren’t formed under her watch, it’s her shop now and she will wear the issues of the future.

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