Mayor’s Office Break-In … What’s Next?


Taxpayers fork out good money for city hall security, then this happens.

How can someone break into the office of the leader of our community? It boggles the mind.

What else can go wrong at Ottawa City Hall?

This from X:



The Blame Behind Stolen Cars: PATTON

Councillor Tim, Get Serious

Toxic Drugs Make Health Workers Sick: PATTON

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3 Responses

  1. Been There says:

    Unnamed suspect… a very lonely Jim Watson.

  2. Ken Gray says:


    I thought they’d be questioning me.



  3. The Voter says:

    The police are responding ‘quickly’ and ‘compassionately to a break-in at the mayor’s office?? Who’d a thunk it? Does he know that’s not the response the average Joe or Josephine get?

    Unless the crime is in progress when you call 911, you’re unlikely to see an officer that day. That could change if there’s major damage done or a lot of things are stolen. Otherwise, they tell you to take photos and call your insurance people.

    I wonder if you get a different kind of service if you’re on the Police Services Board or get to vote at council on the annual Police budget? Nah, that would be favouritism or elitism and we know that doesn’t happen around City Hall … right?

    How could someone get into his office anyway? The building is locked up overnight and there’s a separate layer of security that encloses the west end of the second floor where his office and that of the City Manager are located. They need a major overhaul of their security systems if it can be easily breached. Was the night watchman on break or asleep?

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