Menard Blames Donategate Scandal On ‘Politics’


Here’s the spin on the train wreck that is Donategate:


Perhaps Capital Councillor Shawn Menard, his staff and David White’s legal department should have done their homework.

Just the smallest amount of homework. From this missive on X, it looks as though Menard will try to tough out Donategate.

Ken Gray


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3 Responses

  1. Nicholas says:

    Community Benefits Agreements (CBA) are actually becoming more popular in a wide swath of jurisdictions. They tie in with what used to be known as section 37 benefits where developers pay a chunk of money as part of a development project and those funds are designed to be used specifically in the area of the development. Precisely what we have with this project.

    I think we should be more aware of what CBAs actually are because as city staff say, it is the norm currently and will likely be happening more and more locally. This is something we want, not something to be eradicated. I can’t speak to what’s happened with this particular developer and any potentially unsavoury connections, but CBAs are here to stay.

  2. Doug says:

    Let’s be real here. How much community housing can be built for $300,000. In for a penny…

  3. The Voter says:


    A lot more can be built for $200,000 than for $0. Every bit helps to solve the housing shortage. This amount would be added to funding from other sources such as the federal and provincial governments and the City to create a viable development.

    I say $200k because a third of the original amount was to go to traffic calming.

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