O-Train To Return To Double-Car Service


This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

The purpose of this memo is to advise the Mayor and Members of Council that OC Transpo will  provide double-car train service on O-Train Line 1 beginning on Monday, January 8. 

Double-car trains will operate on weekdays. The larger trains will accommodate customer  volumes during the busiest times on the system, improving customer comfort. Trains will operate  approximately every five to six minutes.  

The move to double-car trains is due to a new measure that extends the life of the wheel hub  assemblies on the vehicles while continuing to ensure the ongoing safe operation of the fleet.  

Wheel hub assembly nut pinning 

At the joint Transit Commission and Light Rail Subcommittee meeting on December 14, 2023,  an update was provided on a proposal to add pins to the restraining nut on the axle hubs to  extend their useable life. Axle hub assemblies are currently required to be replaced every 60,000  km as part of the containment plan outlined in the Alstom Safety Note. This has been  complicated by supply chain issues and required the careful management of the fleet to sustain  service, including the use of single-car trains. 

Rideau Transit Maintenance (RTM) has completed the necessary testing and analysis of the proposed nut pinning solution. OC Transpo and Transportation Resource Associates (TRA) are  satisfied that safety requirements have been met and the hub assemblies with the nut pinning  solution can now be deployed to in-service vehicles. This added measure allows for the  immediate return to double-car trains on Line 1.  

The rigorous inspections and maintenance requirements in Alstom’s Safety Note remain as a  containment measure until the vehicle supplier is confident the program can be amended.  

In addition, a test train will operate during regular service hours over the next couple of months to gather additional data for ongoing safety assurance. This testing allows for early detection of  potential issues. Customers may occasionally see this out-of-service test train on Line 1.  

Further information and updates on the ongoing work to improve train reliability will be shared as  it becomes available.  

Original signed by, 

Richard Holder 

c.c.: Senior Leadership Team 

Transit Services Departmental Leadership Team Director, Public Information and Media Relations


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2 Responses

  1. David Jones says:

    Betcha we are the only city in the world where taxpayers and users have been briefed on LRT “Wheel hub assembly nut pinning.” (In other places that’s on a not needed to know basis).

  2. MM says:

    Who is Transportation Resource Associates? Mr Google says their website is coming soon.

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