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We as taxpayers are footing the bill for the cozy relationship between the Ottawa Police Service and the body supposed to be independently overseeing them, the Ottawa Police Services Board.

And it’s more than a financial bill. There’s that little idea of trust and respect. If the police can’t be counted on to do their jobs, why would you bother with them?

Why would I bother calling the police when a gang of teenagers is setting off illegal fireworks in the park down the street? Will the police be too afraid of getting hurt if they try to enforce the law? Let’s take it up a few notches. What if there’s someone with a gun who’s just shot someone in my neighbourhood? It’s more likely that he, rather than the convoy fireworks people, will hurt the police. Will they just stand by and let him do his thing? What about the three guys with serious firearms who rob the bank down the street? Will they be allowed to leave peacefully because who knows what they’d do if challenged?

The other side of the coin is, of course, what happens when people see the police standing back instead of enforcing the law. Are they only enforcing certain laws for certain people? Why would anyone be concerned about breaking the law when there’s a chance that there will be no consequences? Why would anyone in trouble think they could turn to the police for help?

As for Eric Stubbs, if he thinks that leadership involves making excuses and trying to brush off criticism, he’s in for a surprise. Does he really expect us to believe that the OPS is composed of a bunch of choir boys and girls who have never stepped out of line? Does he think we don’t know that some of those upstanding officers of his were in fact aiding and abetting the Freedom Convoy as it wreaked havoc on the residents of this city? I didn’t give him the title of ‘Chief Stubbs’ because that’s not the role he’s carrying out. I thought he was coming here to, among other things, clean up the OPS and change its behaviour. This new broom doesn’t look to be doing any sweeping at all never mind doing a clean sweep of the rot at the core of the OPS.

“To Serve and Protect” doesn’t mean to serve the police and protect them from any consequences.

The Voter is a respected community activist and long-time Bulldog commenter who prefers to keep her identity private.


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2 Responses

  1. sisco farraro says:

    Chief of Police is a position that deserves respect. However, the person who fills that role has to earn respect. He/she does not automatically receive respect by merely sitting in the chair.

  2. John Langstone says:

    And then today in the CBC article, “Ottawa police admit they made mistakes last week when communicating key information about the city’s worst mass killing in recent history. ” Not just one significant mistake either.

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