Ottawa City Council Named Worst In Canada

It had to happen. The Canadian Municipal Academia Association has named its worst city council in Canada and Ottawa has finished No. 1.

Here is the motion passed by the association at its monthly meeting:

WHEREAS Ottawa’s city council has become a national symbol of Canadian ridicule;

WHEREAS Ottawa’s council is a major employer and economic driver for developers and railroad mechanics;

WHEREAS Ottawa’s municipal incompetence is unquestionably the worst in Canada;

WHEREAS Council is a civic institution and is objectively ridiculous;

WHEREAS Ottawa’s council is the great uniter and time-waster, bringing together dissatisfied Ottawa residents from all backgrounds, whether rural or urban, east or west;

WHEREAS Ottawa hearts have enough love for Toronto and Orleans;

WHEREAS Ottawa’s councillors, once voted from office, are a perfectly acceptable for unemployment;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Canadian Municipal Academia Association officially recognize, and bestow Ottawa with the title of, “The Worst City Council In Canada”.

Happy April Fool’s Day.

Ken Gray


The Canadian Municipal Academia Association would like to thank city councillors and staff for providing the template for the worst council motion at the last CMAA meeting on Sunday. The association used as the template the motion coming to city council on Wednesday concerning a Lebanese food.

The template is below:


Ottawa Shawarma Capital

Moved by L. Dudas
Seconded by G. Darouze

WHEREAS Ottawa’s Shawarma has become a multicultural symbol for one of Canada’s most multicultural cities;

WHEREAS Ottawa’s Shawarma industry is a major employer and economic driver, with Ottawa home to nearly 200 Shawarma restaurants, spread out to all corners of the city;

WHEREAS Ottawa’s Shawarma is unquestionably the best in Canada;

WHEREAS Ottawa’s Shawarma is a civic institution and is objectively delicious;

WHEREAS Ottawa’s Shawarma is the great uniter, bringing together Ottawa residents from all backgrounds, whether rural or urban, east or west, Ravens or Gee-Gees;

WHEREAS Ottawa hearts have enough love for Poutine, Beavertails and Shawarmas;

WHEREAS Shawarma leftovers are a perfectly acceptable breakfast, and lunch, and likely also another dinner;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Ottawa City Council officially recognize, and bestow our City with the title of, “The Shawarma Capital of Canada”.

A major time waster. Maybe that time could be better spent finding a formula to save the Tulip Festival.

This shawarma template might be funnier than the motion passed by CMAA.


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3 Responses

  1. Dan Stankovic says:

    I don’t get it. I thought April Fool’s Day was for expressing jokes and hoaxes?

  2. Diane Zarnke says:

    This present council came into office to a total liberal mess and debt.
    Blame Watson and the liberals…..he skips off ….laughing all the way to the bank.
    Liberals and NDPs should be outlawed for their scandals and lies and incompetance
    Poor Sutcliffe….Ford……and Polliviere.

  3. Jeff Arron says:

    To think that the line-up of conservatives mentioned above is going to do any better than the line-up of liberals/new democrats is living in la-la-land. Both sides of the argument have no idea what the hell they are talking about and what the citizens of Ottawa really need or want.

    It’s time to get back to basics – education (early childhood thru university and/or technical-trade training , shelter/housing, homelessness, new garbage dump, clean, safe beaches, public transit (which has been messed up by all those across the political spectrum), and NO MORE GRANDIOSE PROJECTS for at least the next 50 years (which may be about the time the current disasters are paid off) and most of all sane political leadership. Enough is enough already.

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