Ottawa’s Leaders Just Can’t Lead: BENN




The problem with the e-bus situation isn’t so much the need for backup generators in the event that the grid burps.

The current state of reliable power generation and supply in the event of an emergency means that fossil-fuel burning generators, while ironic, are a necessity.

The problem is that city staff has a decade plus habit of failing to disclose critical information. Not just to the public, but to Ottawa City Council. Not just my opinion. See the LRT provincial inquiry report:

  • willfully circumventing the regulatory requirement to retain all communications within city control (WhatsApp);
  • egregious malfeasance of withholding critical information from council, thus preventing them from performing their statutory duties.

Mature leadership teams understand that full disclosure is not just a legal requirement, it is in their own self-interest. Immature leadership teams are more interested in delaying the inevitable release of embarrassing information. A failure to understand both requirements (legal and self-interest) is indicative of a lack of willingness to acknowledge the errors of the past.

Leadership starts at the top. The top being the mayor, Ottawa City Council and the senior level of administrative staff. A year plus into the current term, what is obvious is that the city’s leadership team lacks the maturity required to run a city of one-million residents.

Ron Benn, a finance executive, has been a member of the Centrepointe Community Association for the better part of three decades.


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3 Responses

  1. C from Kanata says:

    What he said

  2. Andrew says:

    Great summary. This city’s track record of disclosure speaks for itself. The Lansdowne proposal was fast tracked without even following the citys own policy on required reports, and disclosure. Meetings were online only and microphones were cut off without getting answers to questions. It is a scam against taxpayer and as said, it is egregious malfeasance of withholding critical information from council, thus preventing them from performing their statutory duties. Hopefully the public will feed their concern to the OAG this week while she is taking public input.

  3. sisco farraro says:

    When we have ineffective leadership, the masses lose faith, stop listening to those who are supposed to lead, and begin creating their own rules. This is the primary reason the city is falling apart.

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