Please Mark Sutcliffe, No More Jim Watson

Your Worship we know you have key people in the administration of the mayor’s office who owe their careers to former proprietor Jim Watson. So they do what they learned at the foot of the great PR merchant and abysmal administrator.

Mark Sutcliffe, stop being Watson Lite.

We had a snootful of the ex-mayor. You read the provincial LRT report. Didn’t you get enough?

One goes back to a council meeting with big controversial issues on tap but what is the ex-mayor doing? A photo op on the Rideau Canal with two youngsters. What a ham. No wonder the train doesn’t work.

What is the name of the video below in question? A MIRACLE: City Makes Ice In City Full of Ice.

People aren’t feeling particularly amenable to non-stop PR when their train is not working at full capacity. And when they paid $6.4 billion to have it work.

Fix the train. Don’t make videos on ice. That’s Watson. Watson is yesterday’s news.

Don’t be Jim Watson. Be Mark Sutcliffe.

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