Transpo To Cut Bus Service In Severe Storms

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

OC Transpo winter service begins Sunday, December 24. This winter, changes will include service adjustments on select routes, a Severe Storm Schedule for buses, special holiday service, fare adjustments, and more.

New winter schedules are available on Before heading out, use the Travel Planner to plan your trip.

Service adjustments
Routes 261 and 263 will be changed to operate via Palladium Drive to Highway 417 to improve service to the community surrounding Derreen Avenue. As part of this change, these routes will be removed from stops on Huntmar Drive between Palladium Drive and Cyclone Taylor Boulevard, and from the Canadian Tire Centre bus loop. Service to the Canadian Tire Centre will be maintained on Routes 62 and 162, and on 400 series routes for events.
Some trips on 600-series school routes may be shifted by up to 15 minutes earlier in the morning or up to 15 minutes later in the afternoon, to allow more reliable service system-wide. Use
Some trips on 600-series school routes may be shifted by up to 15 minutes earlier in the morning or up to 15 minutes later in the afternoon, to allow more reliable service system-wide. Use OC Transpo’s Travel Planner to confirm any changes to your trip times.

Minor service adjustments are being made to several other routes. Visit for full details.

Severe Storm Schedule for buses
OC Transpo will implement a Severe Storm Schedule for buses on weekdays when 31 cm or more of snow is predicted to fall or under other severe weather conditions. When a Severe Storm Schedule is in effect, bus service will follow a reduced schedule in order to provide a safer and more reliable service during major storms.

Para Transpo and O-Train service levels will not be reduced, but customers should still plan ahead and expect delays. When a severe storm is forecast for a Saturday or Sunday, the Severe Storm Schedule will not be implemented but some articulated buses will be replaced with 40-foot and double-decker buses to improve service reliability.

OC Transpo will inform customers through regular communication channels in advance of any bus schedule changes due to severe weather. To stay informed, sign up for My Alerts, use?OC Transpo’s Travel Planner or use the Transit app to see how your trip will change when the Severe Storm Schedule is in effect.

Holiday service
Special holiday service will run from Monday, December 25 to Friday, January 5. Visit for information on hours of operation, frequency adjustments and schedules for bus routes and O-Train Line 1. Customers can access real-time schedule information, 24 hours a day, by using the Transit app, by calling 613-560-5000 or texting 560560 plus their four-digit bus stop number or first three letters of the station name. Standard rates apply.

Para Transpo holiday bookings
Para Transpo will operate a holiday service on Christmas, Boxing and New Year’s Days. Regular scheduled trips are automatically cancelled, but customers may book trips for these days by using My Para Transpo or by calling 613-560-5000 up to seven days in advance. Don’t forget to suspend your regular bookings if you are on vacation during the holiday season. Para Transpo customers can also text 57272 to connect with OC Transpo customer service representatives for estimated arrival times, direct cancellations, or general questions. Standard rates apply.

Ride transit for free on New Year’s Eve
Free transit service will be provided on New Year’s Eve after 6 pm on buses, O-Train Line 1 and Para Transpo, courtesy of Safer Roads Ottawa and MADD.

On New Year’s Eve, bus service will operate on a Sunday schedule, with additional service on busy routes in the evening. O-Train Line 1 will run until 2 am, after which night bus service will run through downtown. Line 2 bus service will run until 1 am. Para Transpo will run until 3 am. Fare gates will be open, and OC Transpo staff will be at some stations to help customers.

Year-round Rack & Roll
Great news for all-season cyclists: the Rack & Roll program is available year-round and will be offered through the winter on all OC Transpo buses. Learn more at

Fare changes
OC Transpo fares are changing on January 1, 2024. Most fares will increase by 2.5 per cent to offset increased operating costs of providing transit services. This increase was approved by Council as part of the 2024 Budget. The prices of the EquiPass, Community Pass and Access Pass remain frozen for 2024. Kids aged 12 and under ride free every day!


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1 Response

  1. MM says:

    Interesting wording. When 31cms is predicted, the severe bus schedule (yes, I’m writing that on purpose) will be implemented. When do the bus reductions actually start? At 31cm, 25cm, 15cm etc. What if its predicted and doesn’t occur? It will be really hard to recall drivers who’ve been paid and sent home.

    Who defined – other severe weather conditions? Heat waves? freezing rain? potential for thunder storms? Cloudy with a chance of meat balls?

    And of course, just when you think it can’t get any worst, yup, 2.5% increase.

    Now, where did I park my car?

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