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Oh no. And here I’ve been waiting with bated breath to discover what The Bulldog was going to do to mark the one year anniversary, which is in a matter of days, of the auditor general’s commitment to probe the Trillium Line procurement.

It was an excellent tactic, at the time, for Nathalie Gougeon to promise to audit the procurement process for the Trillium Line. It even seemed like a somewhat reasonable plan. It would appear now, however, that this might well have been a planned deflection intended to put the audit on the backburner and out of the spotlight with the hope that interest would wane or other more pressing things would appear that would justify delaying it further or even dropping it. Unfortunately for the AG, interest has not evaporated and people are watching this unfold.

Given Kanata South Councillor Allan Hubley’s previous participation in messing up the LRT as demonstrated in the provincial LRT inquiry report, it would be appropriate if he recused himself from any and all discussions, votes or other items related to the LRT from now until eternity. He is not and can never be a disinterested party in connection to any part of the LRT or its development. Perhaps, if he does not withdraw voluntarily, this should be referred to the Conflict of Interest process at city hall for a determination of where the line should be drawn.

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It’s too bad there is no process for removing a councillor when there’s reasonable cause to question whether he would even have been re-elected if the LRT report had been out before the election. He quite definitely benefitted from the timing. I and many others believe that the wrongdoing that came out through the inquiry was just the tip of the iceberg. We are still unaware of the full scope of the malfeasance by elected officials and city staff and will likely never know the whole of it. We do know for certain that Hubley was in it up to his neck and must be contained to stop further damage.

If Mark Sutcliffe has any sense (and the jury’s still out on that point), he will take Hubley aside and tell him to make himself scarce at the time of the audit committee meeting. There must be some pressing matter for him to attend to in Kanata that would require his presence that day. Sutcliffe is supposed to be a leader and this would be a good time to demonstrate that quality.

Maybe Hubley can sort all his Christmas card requests for him. That should keep him busy.

The Voter is a respected community activist and long-time Bulldog commenter who prefers to keep her identity private.



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6 Responses

  1. John Langstone says:

    Can Sutcliffe’s office be considered disinterested parties in the LRT procurement when the husband and brother Sutcliffe’s chief of staff were deeply involved in the process? Husband Chris Swail, director of O-Train planning. Brother Brian Guest a consultant to the process.

  2. Eric Samuel says:

    Hubley represents Kanata South vice North as stated. Everything else checks out accurate in every sense.

  3. The Voter says:

    Good point, John. She also has another conflict of interest given that her previous boss was none other than Jim Watson. In fact, it’s highly possible that one of her roles in Sutcliffe’s office is to protect and extend Watson’s legacy and programs. She may have been placed there for that very purpose.

    It’s clear that Sutcliffe closely follows the advice and counsel of his office staff as well as senior management at the City so it’s concerning that Robin Guest, as his chief of staff, has that close access to his ear. If it came down to it, would her loyalty to her husband, brother and previous boss trump any loyalty she might feel towards Sutcliffe and the city? As a newbie, does Sutcliffe know enough to protect himself against undue or improper influences?

  4. Ken Gray says:


    My fault … I added the ward when I edited it and had a brain wonk.



  5. Ron Benn says:

    This is a city where former Chair of the Planning Committee and long time Barrhaven Councillor Jan Harder did not receive an official rebuke from council, notwithstanding a damning report by the Integrity Commissioner. With standards that low, what can we expect when it comes to the deep and wide range of individuals who have so much to worry about when it comes to the LRT.

  6. The Voter says:

    Not a problem, Ken.

    Hubley doesn’t even know where Kanata is since he thinks taking the LRT to Moodie Drive is bringing it to Kanata. How likely is it that he knows where his ward actually is and what the difference is between North and South? Plus I hear that some of his residents would be more than glad if people thought he was from the other half of Kanata!

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