The Eyes Of Evil Government Are Everywhere


For all of you who are concerned about the number of red-light cameras, speed cameras and just video cameras in general, I give you this quick story.

Your agent was walking along a road with little traffic but with one of those signs that warns you about how fast you are going.

It was a big sign and me on foot had much time to see the various speeds of cars passing by. You know 30 kmh here and 25 hmh there.

But then I noticed that one object was doing between 11 kmh and 12 kmh. That’s unusual and even more unusual was that no car was around.

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Then I realized what was going on. The speed sign was clocking me. Look I’ve lost weight … but I’m not vehicle size.

I don’t give much time to the paranoid out there who are worried about the government spying on us. I just don’t care. Spy on me all you want. The evidence will be ridiculously boring. But perhaps you don’t like cameras because you are ashamed of what you do … or not.

Nevertheless, now it appears the evil civic government is timing pedestrians. How long will it be before the bureaucratic propeller heads on Laurier Avenue start fining pedestrians for walking too fast?

That might be a good source of revenue to cover the OC Transpo shortfall.

Like most of these traffic cameras, they don’t stop bad driving very much but they are a great source of revenue.

Ken Gray



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4 Responses

  1. Andrew Zenner says:

    The average speed of a walker is about 4-5 km/hr and the average speed of a jogger is 6-10 km/hr. Unless you were moving at a fair clip, the machine was either measuring something else or not working properly. I suppose, however, if the City can get us to walk/run faster, they might have a better chance of achieving 15 minute neighbourhoods.

  2. Ken Gray says:


    When I stopped it stopped.

    So it was measuring wee small we in some manner.

    Maybe seeing that i’m so skinny now, it had trouble calibrating.



  3. Ron Benn says:

    Rest assured that the last category of thing in motion that will be subject to a fine will be the cyclist.

  4. The Voter says:

    It may be that the machine has no capacity to record below a certain speed but is nevertheless registering that there is a moving object within its view, Next time you’re there, try alternating walking forwards and backwards and see what it picks up.

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