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Orleans East-Cumberland Councillor Matt Luloff should have to provide documentation for his very thinly veiled accusation towards Capital Councillor Menard and the Katasa Group.

Make no mistake about it – if (a big ‘if’ in my opinion) there is dirty dealing going on here, it involves at least two parties so Luloff’s smear has to include the developer as well as the councillor.

Given that, perhaps Katasa will go public with its view on the transaction. The inference in Luloff’s remarks will affect their reputation as well as Menard’s and, if they’re going to do work in this city, you would think they would want it to be without that cloud over them.

Luloff has been nominated for the next election by the Tories in an Orleans riding that includes his city ward. His constituents hopefully will press him publicly to spill the goods on whatever he knows about the deal. Does he not understand that the public has the right to know if there’s monkey business going on at Ottawa City Hall? Certainly if Menard is guilty of some kind of malfeasance, both his constituents and the development community need to know this.

The accusation Luloff made is quite serious and should, at the very least, be brought to the integrity commissioner for a public investigation. The city’s lawyers have already looked at it and says the deal is legal.

Luloff would do well to remember that when you throw mud, your own hands often get dirty.

The Voter is a respected community activist and long-time Bulldog commenter who prefers to keep her identity private.


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