Sens Hire Jim Watson For LRT Management Skills …

… and get the same results.

Below is a selfie (vanity thy name is Watson) of former mayor Jim Watson and part of the Watson Club. He’s watching the first quarter of the Sens gridiron game at the Canadian Tire Centre Monday night.

His former worship just doesn’t get it does he?

Speculation continues that Watson wants to run in Ottawa Centre. A puff piece in the Kitchissippi Times, a pic with Mayor Mark Sutcliffe in front of Tom Brown Arena and now this. The Jim Watson Career Reclamation Tour continues.

This from X:

watson.sens .h

The old Jim Watson would have got better seats.

Be afraid Ottawa, be very afraid.

Ken Gray


Please Mark Sutcliffe, No More Jim Watson

Senators: Viewer Discretion Is Advised: QUOTABLE

Sens Want To Win? Play Defence

Mitchell, Nash Romance Began In Ottawa

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1 Response

  1. The Voter says:

    You need to be careful putting notions like that out into the ether, Ken! There are those who might take as a serious idea and run with it. In that line, I hope somebody’s taken the new guy aside and put a bug in his ear about staying away from Toxic Jim. He’s not from around here and might think it was a good idea to hook up with a long-serving mayor who is only too available!!

    As for the other two, well, you’re known by the company you keep. We know why they hung around him when he was mayor. Don’t they know they don’t have to keep it up any more?

    Side note: Jim must be really annoyed with Bonnie Crombie. Had it not been for her, Yasir Naqvi might well have won the Ontario Liberal leadership contest and opened up the Ottawa Centre federal seat for Jim in a by-election. He could always try to get back his Ottawa West-Nepean seat in the next provincial election or maybe the federal one.

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