Sutcliffe’s Great, Denley Says: WHOPPER WATCH .12.26


“Ottawa Mayor Mark Sutcliffe quietly had a very successful 2023, his first full year in office. The rookie mayor made it look easy, even though sticking to his election promises, keeping council onside, and working with a large and complex bureaucracy are anything but.”

Randall Denley, Ottawa Citizen


For the love of God, Randy. How do you expect to be taken seriously?

For a second opinion, why not read Bulldog Saturday columnist Ron Benn on this very topic. Or how about this Benn column?

How can Benn’s and Denley’s opinions be so different?

The question you must ask is why is Denley writing this?

To read Denley’s column, click here.

Ken Gray


Please Mark Sutcliffe, No More Jim Watson

How Mayor Mark Sutcliffe Is Helping You

Sutcliffe Broke A Campaign Promise: READER

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2 Responses

  1. John Langstone says:

    Yes indeed, why is Denley writing this stuff.

  2. MM says:

    Best fiction/fantasy work I’ve read in a long time.

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