Tighten Your Spending OC Transpo: PATTON



When you’re losing $1 million a month like OC Transpo, you must tighten up, Bulldog commentator Mike Patton says:

Expenses Should at Least Match Revenue

Mike Patton is the former communications director for Mayor Larry O’Brien and a Conservative activist.


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Now The City Has No Excuses: PATTON

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3 Responses

  1. C from Kanata says:

    Good post

  2. sisco farraro says:

    It appears that OC Transpo doesn’t expect to run as a business but as a charity recipient.

  3. The Voter says:

    I could be wrong but it looks to me like her instructions from senior management and Council don’t include any mention of balancing the budget. When you look at how often both staff and politicians cite more dollars from the province, the feds or both as the solution to almost every issue, it’s clearly part of their culture to abdicate responsibility and claim their problems, fiscal and otherwise, stem from the lack of outside funding for both their pet projects and normal day-to-day operating expenses.

    When Mme Amilcar arrived here a few years ago, it didn’t take her long to acclimatize to the prevailing modus operandi at City Hall. Now she’s a pro with her management decisions and the fast talk to defend the status quo. As long as she and others like her are left to run the City into the ground, things will only get worse. To blithely say losing a million dollars a month gives you no concern shows how much she respects the transit system itself and the poor schmucks who are funding it.

    Wonder if that job in Boston might still be available. We could do so much better. I don’t know any more if she could.

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