Transit Update … Poof … It’s Gone




Is something missing here?

Tuesday’s Transit Commission Hoedown features an update from the mandarins on city staff on bus, rail and Para Transpo. Always a page-turner for the media and anything that appeals to the media hits the sensitive button with city staff.

Not that we’re implying anything improper of course.

But you know when you’re featuring that always-captivating report on how late the buses are and how late the train is, you might want to see it on the agenda.

Councillors Should Be Demanding Answers To These Questions

But it’s not there. It’s hot-keyed like its there but … it’s not there.

Why? Maybe city staff is following the hallowed tradition of walking on that which is controversial.

Or they forgot. Or it’s not ready. Or they left it out. It’s so hard to know.

Ken Gray



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