Transpo Gets Storm Bus Cuts Wrong: THE VOTER


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So winter storms … the time you would normally want to get as many cars off the roads as possible.

One great way to do that would be to get people out of their cars and into other modes of transportation such as buses. A normally functioning bus company would think it was good practice to not only keep their buses in service on their regular schedule but also to supplement those buses to cover the extra riders.

Normal, you say? Obviously they are anything but normal in so many ways and intuitive responses to changing situations aren’t their strong suit. It’s getting almost normal to expect them to do things that anyone else would reject out of hand as being inefficient and contrary to what they say in their mission statement. One side benefit of offering extra service is that those non-transit-users, having taken the bus on bad driving days, might think about switching to the bus for all their regular travel.

OC Transpo offers service in a way that helps the traffic situation in bad weather and introduces new customers to the system? They might even lure back some of the people that used to be transit customers but gave up in the face of the many OC fiascos over the past number of years.

Not on your life. This is, after all, OC Transpo, the bus company that can turn any positive into a negative without hardly trying.

The Voter is a respected community activist and long-time Bulldog commenter who prefers to keep her identity private.


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2 Responses

  1. sisco farraro says:

    Additionally, some people have no other method of getting around the city except through the use of and availability of public transit. If OC Transpo reduces the number of buses available on bad weather days commuters can always call taxis or uber, although service will be slower and wait times longer. In many cases people who are loyal to OC Transpo need the transit system to get to work to earn money so they can pay the rent, pay for utility usage, put food on the table, etc. For many of these people, not being able to get to work means no pay. Do you think anyone at OC Transpo understands the concept of impact analysis? Grade: F.

  2. Bruce says:

    Less service will equate to longer wait times in freezing temperatures which will generate more frustrated “clients” and added calls to the various agents for the city including councilors. Therefore more people dissatisfied with how the city is run which MAY bring about change? Trying to put a positive spin on a pile of doo doo from the dum dums.

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