Transpo Pledges Reliable Service: WHOPPER WATCH .12.26


“The commitment to meet a target of 99.5 per cent service delivery, aligning with
transit best practices worldwide.”

OC Transpo in route change report to city transit commission


If Ottawa’s road transportation is in crisis, and it is, how does OC Transpo expect to meet 99.5-per-cent service delivery?

Does Transpo not see that you’re good for traffic jams on most days and at most times on the only somewhat reliable form of transportation in the city Highway 417? Does Transpo not realize that it’s own unreliability is contributing to people buying old beaters to get to work because customers have this pesky habit of wanting to get to work on time?

And does Transpo not realize it is contributing to the city-declared climate crisis through traffic jams caused by old beaters clogging road routes?

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As well and most importantly, does Transpo not realize that its reliability is dependent on traffic flowing easily? That’s not happening in Ottawa.

Words are easy. X commissar Elon Musk could say he plans to go to charm school but will he? Unlikely. But if you say it, and people buy it, then Musk went to charm school despite the fact he didn’t.

The City of Ottawa is great at making unfulfilled pledges and lies and withholding information and spinning, but concrete follow-through is something it has failed to master.

Ken Gray



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  1. Robert Roberts says:

    Pssst anyone want to buy a slightly used LRT?

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