Transpo Shoots For Full O-Train Service On Sunday


This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

Good evening Mayor and Members of Council,  

I am writing to provide you with an update on the impact of a damaged insulator and  related components of the O-Train’s Overhead Catenary System that have partially  affected service. 

Today’s service: 

Rail service has been running well today with the following schedule in place: 

  • Line 1 is running in both directions between Tunney’s Pasture and St Laurent stations. 
  • Line 1 is running in both directions on a single track between St-Laurent  and Blair Stations. 

Tonight’s service: 

Between midnight and the end of service tonight, the following modifications will be put  in place: 

  • Line 1 will run in both directions between Tunney’s Pasture and St-Laurent  stations 
  • R1 bus service will run between St-Laurent and Blair stations 
  • An R1 Shuttle will operate between St-Laurent and Cyrville stations 

These modifications are needed to provide RTM with additional time to complete their  on-site investigation and complete the necessary work to allow the service to launch on  time on Sunday morning. Signage and staff continue to be available at key locations to  assist customers. 

Repair work: 

RTM has brought forward a plan to temporarily isolate the damaged portion of the  overhead catenary system to allow rail service to resume on both tracks. This will allow  time for further investigation and a thorough assessment of all surrounding  infrastructure to ensure that all damaged components are repaired or replaced later  without impacting service. Once the isolation is complete, OC Transpo will run a test  train on both tracks. A successful test would support a decision to launch Sunday  service on both tracks from Tunney’s Pasture to Blair Station.

OC Transpo staff continue to work closely with Rideau Transit Maintenance and have  engaged TRA to provide additional perspectives and added oversight to the restoration  of service. Our goal remains to restore full service across Line 1 as soon as possible. 

Customers will be notified of any further impacts to service through our regular  communications channels and I will continue to provide you with updates as soon as  they are available. 

Thank you, 

Renée Amilcar 

General Manager, Transit Services Department 

Directrice générale, Services de transport en commun 

City of Ottawa | Ville d’Ottawa



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2 Responses

  1. Bruce says:

    Lost Rail in Trouble is shooting for “full Service” on Sunday. Is that one or two cars every one or two hours? c/w bus backup? Shoot for the stars and you may hit the moon! Lets get those electric busses going so Ottawa can have more faulty transit.

  2. The Voter says:

    About that headline: the service is definitely full o’ something; I’m just not sure it’s full o’ train.

    It’s very lucky that this happened on a Friday night after the majority of the train’s service day was done and they had two full days to get things back on track, as it were, for Monday morning’s rush hour.

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