Tucker Carlson In Full Shovel


Does pundit Tucker Carlson actually believe this crap?

Carlson is practising journalism and this is “risky”? Be still my heart. Risky is the reporters on the ground doing the heavy-lifting of breaking stories. Risky is being blown up in Afghanistan covering the war as occurred, sadly, to a young  Postmedia journalist. She had more courage in her little finger than Carlson has seen in his life.

Take a real risk Tucker Carlson. Do some of your own reporting. The only risk Carlson is taking is catching a chill at the end of a long table looking at Putin. He’s never been safer.

It’s easy to be a pundit. Much harder to break a real story not handed to you in a press release. Pablum.

Your agent has been on both ends of that continuum. Real reporting is tough. Not much glory but a whole lot of satisfaction. Punditry? Fame … easy.

And what’s he doing in Moscow? Ratings. Being used by the Russians. Oh how they would like Trump back in the White House.

And I’ll one-up ya, Tucker. I sat across the table many years ago from some former Russian prime minister and a herd of his minions in the Citizen editorial board meeting room. Once you got past the charm, you could see he put his jackboots on the same way as the rest of them.

Maybe I should have asked a better question. “Hey, whaddaya think of that sewage overflow in the Ottawa River?”


I would have got much more out of Larry O’Brien.

If Carlson truly wants to become a real journalist, he should cover Ottawa City Hall. Fame galore.

And that’s where the big money is, too.

Ken Gray



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