It Was Terrorism, CBC, Kinsella Says


Political commentator Warren Kinsella addresses the violence in the Middle East as the CBC parses words over militant versus terrorist:

It was terrorism. It was mass murder. It was genocide. It was the darkest hatred. It was evil made flesh.

So, my advice is this: don’t get upset by what CBC calls it. Don’t waste time complaining to them.

Because, when all is said and done, when someone refuses to call terrorism what it is, which is terrorism? When they ignore the literal definition of “terrorist?”

It defines them, too.

The read the full opinion piece, click here for The War Room.





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1 Response

  1. Robert Roberts says:

    We know the CBC.’s biases. And read around them. To save time and aggravation, I skip the CBC online and radio/TV when it comes to news.

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