Watson Is Alive And Well And Living At City Hall


Short memory this Tim Tierney.

You will remember that ex-mayor and Ottawa Citizen star Jim Watson came up with a contest to name the LRT cars.

Since then, thousands of people have found numerous names for the rail cars that might not get by the Tiny Talent Time censors.

So now the Beacon Hill-Cyrville councillor wants the youngsters to name snow plows. What could go wrong?

Let’s see … names … You’re Late or Don’t Fill My Driveway Again or What Will We Do With You As Climate Change Becomes More Serious or Debt? What Debt?

Perhaps it’s time to elect serious people to serious governance positions. Truly, is this all Tierney has got?

What’s next after Peter Plow? A second Nightmayor? Name the sanitary sewer?

By the way, who paid for the photographer? Do we get a refund from the councillor’s salary for this wasted time?



This is a good idea if it came from a public school social studies class.

These are serious times. Elect serious people.

One other thing. People could accuse me of not being very fun on this pressing Peter Plow issue. Well watching billions of dollars being flushed down the aforementioned sanitary sewer is not much fun either.

And watching councillors start a plow-naming contest when those funds are being flushed isn’t much fun either.

This contest is pathetic.

Ken Gray


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5 Responses

  1. Andrew says:

    Plowey McPlowface is a winning name!

  2. Kosmo says:

    OMG this is the work coming out of 110 Laurier? And I’m not surprised it’s coming from Tim Tierney and his exemplary staff.

  3. Ron Benn says:

    Putting the silliness of the entire exercise to the side, could the good councillor explain how he can assure the elementary school children that the plows that they have named will be deployed to the correct neighbourhood – each and every time that sufficient snow falls?

    Imagine the dismay if a child in Alta Vista sees a functioning snow plow operating (with the blade set the usual 2 cm above the surface) on their street, but with a name associated with Bel-Air (not there is anything wrong with Bel-Air). How does a parent deal with the trauma that might cause? Does the city’s insurance plan cover this type of long term injury?

    Circling back to the plan, is this what happens down at city hall when there isn’t sufficient adult supervision?

  4. sisco farraro says:

    T-squared probably has this campaign smattered all over his “way cool” facebook page in preparation for the next municipal election.

  5. Ron Benn says:

    It isn’t just that this little project is silly. It is that there are people being paid to come up with these silly projects. Once the silly project is started, there will be people to run it, to decide which names are associated with which pieces of equipment etc.

    These silly little projects consume real resources. If the people who are tasked with thinking of silly little projects and then run the silly little projects have nothing better to do down at city hall, then redeploy them. Redeploy the resources to accomplish something that results in a tangible benefit to the city. Or just reduce the operating budget accordingly.

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