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Say what? Short again?

OC Transpo identifies a $6.2-million shortfall in the January to March period in a report to the city transit commission meeting on June 13. The deficit is mainly due to fewer transit riders on both buses and trains. A savings of $4.4 million was found because of the delayed LRT Trillium line, lower debt and compensation costs. So, all in all, the shortfall would have been larger without the mitigating factors.

We remember when transit general manager Renée Amilcar recently shrugged off a $1-million-per-month loss as not a big deal but realistically, from this report, the loss is more than double that amount. So what gives? Is anyone paying attention? Does anyone really care? It is refreshing to know that the second-quarter status report will give a better indication of the year-end financial position for OC Transpo. Optimism might be limited.

The upper echelon at Ottawa City Hall has no idea how to right this sinking ship. They are cluelessly inept hiding behind ridiculousness such as Ottawa being the shawarma capital and naming snowplows. Do councillors, the mayor and senior management have a Plan B in mind because Plan A just isn’t working.

For the most part few are qualified to be elected officials. Pensions are in the offing for those who see the writing on the wall.

Come election time, voters would be wise to remember the mess this council has created.

Donna Mulvihill is a community activist and former hospital coordinator.


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